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“Recovery is a personal and life-altering journey that provides hope for a better future by overcoming the barriers and obstacles that you may encounter.”

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Ricky’s Story

In 1992, I was diagnosed with diabetes and some other illnesses. I was sent to a mental health hospital, Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Once there I went through lots of testing. My diagnosis of schizophrenia was explained to me. One illness after another, I was told what I needed to do to get out of there and go home. I was depressed and I was slipping through the cracks. I needed to get my stuff together and I mean fast. The doctors gave me a big fat F on my initial testing. I had to do something or my life was not going to change.

The first thing the doctor wanted me to do was to accept my illness. I wrote all my symptoms down and was given an explanation of each illness. I attacked all my problems and found out something about my self. I was difficult to work with. I was not taking orders like I was supposed to. And last but not least, I did not feel I was sick. A lot of us feel this way until the light finally comes on. I had this attitude that I was going to get out of the hospital and live a normal life. Well, surprise, surprise. They told me they were not going to help me and I had 48 hours to complete a test. I passed the test first and then got myself organized. I had so many problems I could not remember what I was doing, so I went to the doctors and asked what I needed to do. They told me the only thing they wanted was for me to tell the truth about everything that had happened to me and take my medications. I did those two things and my life started to change right before my eyes. I stayed in the hospital five months and I succeeded in passing all of my tests. I was told that I was ready to leave.

I’m better because I got help from WRAP class. WRAP is a program that helps people understand their strengths and weaknesses and use that information to help themselves. So now I recommend that you go to the WRAP class. Be strong-minded and able to seek advice when you need help.  I want to tell you that my paranoid side is manageable if I take my medication. Education is half the battle. The other half is taking control of your problems. Get the knowledge needed to make smart decisions about treatment and recovery. The other half is doing something about it. I want to be a self-advocate so that I can give advice when someone needs to talk. Helping others and sharing your gifts is a wonderful thing which is the other part to get you started on your new life. All you have to do is look around and you’ll see all these hard working people at Chesterfield Mental Health just waiting to help you with your problems. I appreciate all the help I’m getting and I’m going to help others as long as I can.