Recovery Statement

“Recovery is a personal and life-altering journey that provides hope for a better future by overcoming the barriers and obstacles that you may encounter.”

Recovery Calendar

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Recovery is Possible

In my opinion,  “Recovery” is not meant in the classic sense of the word–meaning “cured”–but is meant in the sense that people with mental illness are able to live meaningful, fulfilling lives out in the community, able to function without their mental illness impairing them on a daily basis. This is a state that is not easy to achieve, but one that is well worth striving for.

This blog is open to anyone who would like some support for any type of mental health condition. Please feel free to comment, reply, and use this space to support one another in your journey towards recovery. Share your current state of being that you might need help with, as well as your hopes, your dreams, and your vision for recovery.

Because recovery is possible

Get Involved



Don’t let time past you by! I believe it’s important to get involved in something, whether its support groups, or the Recovery Work groups. The benefits of being involved in your recovery make you not who you are, but who you can become. There are so many opportunities for us to grow with in the mental health system. Don’t let stigma take hold or anyone tell you, you can’t because you can!!



Recovery has come along way. I never thought I would hear the word “Recovery” used in the same sentence with “Mental Health.” Not for one minute did I think it would be possible for me to build a web site much less this blog, but someone gave me a chance. Recovery is all about opportunity that allows a person to be more than just an illness. This web site is based on Mental Health Recovery in Chesterfield County Virginia. The recovery web site was a collaborated effort through the support of the Recovery Work Groups that included staff and peers. Once a week I will be writing a new blog.